All Auto Repair At Autotech Total Car Care

Full Service Auto Repair Facility

Auto Repair in Palm Coast Here in the Palm Coast area, Autotech Total Car Care has been keeping the wheels turning for more than 14 years. We are your local full service oil change and auto repair facility that works on all manner of vehicles from the smallest compact cars to the largest RVs on the road. No matter if you just need an oil change, we can handle it.

Being the complete auto repair solution means that we want to help you with all of your auto repair and oil change needs. Many auto repair providers only want to do certain types of auto repair work because they can charge a lot for some things and don't want to "waste" their time doing an oil change.

With us, it is your time that we don't want to waste. We don't want to see you shop around the entire Palm Coast for an auto repair shop that is willing to do some specific type of work. We also don't want to waste your time by guessing what the problem is. Here at Autotech, we start with full diagnostic procedures so we can pinpoint the exact nature of the problem before we start work.

Fast Oil Changes! We Have You Out in No Time

We will know what needs to be done. We will provide you with a fair and honest quote to do the work and then we'll do it with no shortcuts. All of our work, even if it is just an oil change, is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, for everything from a scheduled oil change to a complete engine or transmission swap, Autotech Total Car Care is the only auto repair and oil change name to know.